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Phantom Elements

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Book One: The Water Ghost

Where it all begins. Olivia teams up with Harbor to solve a decades old mystery. Who is the Water Ghost? A restless spirit haunts the lake around Prue, Oklahoma. Is it Shep Talbot, Harbor’s grandfather and infamous outlaw, escaped from Alcatraz? Is it Angelina Fontanez, a beautiful and reclusive poet? What does the ghost want and where is the gold Harbor’s grandfather stole, so many years ago?

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Book 2: Out of the Fire

A shadow phantom is hunting Ashley and her new friends. Once Ashley found out she was a fire witch,  a magical being descended from the druids, all bets were off. Can Ashley protect her friends and family from something dangerous, set in motion long ago? Can she decide between Dom and Blaze, the handsome soccer players vying for a chance at her heart? Can she set her ancestors free from the shadow phantom and defeat  a centuries old secret society of witch hunters?

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Book 3: Carved in Stone

Coming Fall 2017

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