Visiting Stonehenge

The Stones


One of the inspiring locations for Phantom Elements is Stonehenge. Simply put, it’s a circle of a bunch of big rocks, but nothing is ever simple, is it?

It was constructed in phases.

You might go your entire life without seeing a new stone erected. It really was prehistory so we’ll never know.

It’s really old.

Scientists believe it was constructed around 3000 B.C. (source: my tour guide) Just for comparison’s sake, most scholars believe that Moses was born in the 13th century B.C., seventeen centuries afterward.

It’s not the only stone circle.

There are many stone circles hanging around (anyone watch Outlander?) Stonehenge just happens to be the most famous. I love circles. My wedding ring is a circle, the sun is an orb, my baby started as a single round cell, and donuts are round. A circle is the best shape.

Hands off.

The oils in your hands can damage the stones. People were aloud to touch them for years, but not anymore. Funny how people build things and also destroy, huh? It’s like everything is a circle.

You can get mead in the gift shop.

It’s alcohol made with honey and they serve it hot. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Hope you get to visit someday, Phantom Fam. Until then…


Curiously Yours,



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