Eastern State Penitentiary


Beautiful Ruins

One of the most breathtaking haunted locations I have ever visited is Eastern State Penitentiary. The hallways span out in a star shape, and everywhere you look, there is a gorgeous view. It passes the wedding test for sure. (Would I get married here? Yes. Yes I would. But then again I am strange.)


Let the light in

Now comes the question, do I think it’s haunted. Maybe. There are deep dark places on the property where I’m sure dark energy could hide, reaching out to the living at the worst of times, but for the most part, the vaunted ceilings and skylights made the place peaceful.

To me. Peaceful to me. I saw some visitors that were a nervous wreck. Maybe they’ve hyped themselves up, like some people do before enter a location like this. Maybe not. The energy of a place affects everyone differently.

For us, walking the halls, looking at the cells and comparing them to modern prisons was staggering. Everyone had private cells. They lived in silence. The goal was rehabilitation with, by modern standards, alarmingly short sentences. The wardens truly believed that if you spent time praying for forgiveness and repenting, God would forgive you and make you a better person.

Then again, they didn’t have for-profit prisons in those days.


Curiously yours,


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